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Investment management is most effective when informed by a written financial plan. Financial planning is the first step in building an investment strategy that is tailored to our clients' objectives. Click below to hear from Lincoln's Chief Investment Strategist, Tim Johnson, about our investment management process and philosophy.

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We believe that prudent investors should be compensated for the risks they assume and that catastrophic risks should be avoided. We do not offer proprietary investment products, IPOs or engage in other activities that may conflict with your investment objectives. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts - whatever suits your plan, suits us.

We know that there are people attached to your money. Having a customized plan allows us to understand the rate of return that you need, net of taxes and fees, to meet all of your objectives. Your customized plan serves as your benchmark for success. 

Our clients always have a choice to compensate us via commissions or in the form of an advisory fee for managing their investments. The majority of our clients choose to have us manage their assets in an advisory capacity. When we manage assets in exchange for an advisory fee we are acting in a fiduciary capacity, putting our clients' interests first at all times.

Client Centered

1. Transparency - You should know and understand what you own. If you don't understand it, you shouldn't own it.

2. Tax-efficiency - Taxes matter. The more you lose to taxes, the more you lose in return over time.

3. Expense control - Cheaper is not always better but many times, it is. We look to control expenses inside our clients' portfolios wherever possible because the more you save, the more return you keep.