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Our "Serve First" philosophy means that we must approach our clients with all the human understanding possible and with only one desire: the desire to do the best job we can for that client. We must help our clients to recognize both the problems and the opportunities they face. Our clients will react positively to sincere interest and genuine expertise the moment they recognize them. They will spot insincerity and incompetence just as quickly.

To embody this philosophy through and through, we must first be fully committed, in all that we do, to “serve first, last and always.” We must believe that there is no such thing as a client relationship out of which we must earn commissions in order to justify the work we have done.

Once we agree to work for our clients, once we commit to take their problems into our hands, we must believe that if we constantly deliver the very best service of which we are capable, without thought of pay when we do what is truly in the best interest of our client, our compensation, in the end, will always take care of itself.