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WWC Business Owner's Blog

January 23, 2020

Welcome to The WWC Business Owner's Blog (an extension of our Exit Strategies e-Newsletter)

Building your business was not easy - it required a plan, and the ability to adapt and compete in your marketplace. Successfully exiting your business could, however, prove even more challenging.

Few business owners or advisors today focus on developing multi-year ‘planned’ exits from a business. For millions of business owners who are looking to retire or move into a new phase of life, their exits often times lack the planning that may help ensure achieving that business owner’s personal goals.

A proper exit strategy is essential to any well-rounded business plan; however, no two privately held businesses are exactly alike. Yours requires unique solutions that take into account your motives for the transfer, your future goals and the transfer options that best fit you and your company. When it comes to business succession needs, it's always wise to seek the assistance of an experienced partner - one capable of providing thoughtful, objective service to support your most important business decisions.

Waters Wealth Consultants offers quality exit strategies advice, planning and execution services to business owners like you. The purpose of these bi-monthly exit strategies newsletters is to provide you with valuable information that will raise your awareness of how to incorporate an exit strategy into your business. The plain fact is that just thinking about an exit strategy is a difficult task. So here is the opportunity to think about it at least twice a month.

Waters Wealth Consultants focuses on forming strong relationships that enhance our ability to help meet our clients' long-term goals. Through our unique discipline and experience, we can help you toward realizing the financial rewards you've worked a lifetime to attain. We work to develop succession plans that fit your personal goals and circumstances. We start by gathering information – often with the assistance of your existing advisors – and ask insightful questions to guide us toward a strategy that satisfies your personal motives and family goals. We then compare and contrast the different types of exit transactions available to you and assess the pros and cons of each.

We appreciate the consideration you are giving to your exit strategy because a pro-active approach to an exit strategy is the only approach to a successful exit strategy. We hope that you use the valuable content in our bi-monthly e-Newsletter to build strong habits towards developing an exit strategy from your business.

R. Logan Waters


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